Self-Alarm Tags > Product Code : 15611/15621

Self-alarming tags with various tagging methods to protect different types of merchandize. Option for remote wireless alarm, except 15611-A (RF).
15611-A (RF): Alarm tag with Lanyard (mini), 48×26×11mm
15621-A (RF/AM): Alarm tag with Lanyard, 57×28×12.5mm
15621-B (RF/AM): Alarm tag with Micro Sensor, 57×32×12.5mm
15621-C (RF/AM): Alarm tag with Pin, 57×32×12.5mm

• When tag passes through EAS system, tag will alarm with LED.
• With remote wireless option, 15901R wireless receiver will also alarm.
• Extra security with 15621-B, tag alarms when housing separated.
• Alarm tag suitable for use with RFor AM systems.
• Disarm with RC900N-RF or RC900N-AM.
• Stand-by time of about 2 years and with replaceable battery (CR2032).

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